The Avatel HarvestGuard is a compact recorder that accurately measures and displays degree-days, chill hours, frost degree-hours, and mildew index. It uses standard methods for calculating degree-days required by most current phenology models. It records yesterday's and today's min/max temperatures. It can be set to display in degrees F or C. It's simply the most powerful and versatile instrument available.

For complete specifications, take a look at our HarvestGuard Brochure.


These low-cost DataScribe temperature and humidity recorders are field rugged and pocket-portable. Choose the Model JR for temperature recording with 0.5 F resolution and 32,000 memory. The Model RH is the choice for temperature
and humidity logging with its 64,000 memory, 0.1 F and 0.1% resolution, and an optional 3 point NIST traceable humidity calibration.

All DataScribes feature:
visual alarm and operation indicators
large nonvolatile memory protects data
linear, high-accuracy sensors
start at future date & time option
alarm & min/max delay option
date/time stamped out-of-limit alarms
data retrieval does not interrupt logging
runs for a year using 9V battery
CE certified

Our DataScribes are remarkably reliable! They're been built to survive the
toughest field conditions. They're assembled in our US facilities to the highest quality standards and thoroughly tested. We proudly stand behind them and confidently offer a full 2 year warranty.

For complete specifications, take a look at our DataScribe Brochure.



Our WinDataSoft is the key to the simplicity and power of the DataScribe system. This advanced software is your expert assistant. It makes DataScribe setup, data collection, and advanced analysis simple.

This superior software includes the most common calculations required for agriculture, HVAC, the pharmaceutical industry, and many others.
Calculations such as degree-days, chill hours, bio degree days, grape powdery mildew index, mean kinetic temperature, dew point, wet bulb and absolute humidity, wood equilibrium moisture, and many more.

Calculations are treated as "virtual sensors" which can be added to the graph, exported, etc.

For more information, take a look at our WinDataSoft Brochure.

WinDataSoft is Free to every DataScribe owner. It can be downloaded as a zipped self-executing install Here.


HarvestGuard Degree-Day, Chill-Hour and Mildew Index Monitor


DataScribe RH Precision Temperature & Humidity Logger


DataScribe JR Temperature Logger


Radiation shield and shelter for all DataScribes and HarvestGuards