Avatel.com and Avatel.net

These domains are for sale as a package
for USD $25,000


The Avatel History

Avatel, Inc. was founded in 1986. The name “Avatel” was derived from Avatar + Electronics.

Beginning with the introduction of our DataScribe dataloggers in 1986, Avatel products helped 1,000’s of customers reduce shipping loss, manage crops, monitor perishables, and document their world. Rugged, reliable, accurate, our DataScribes and HarvestGuards can still be found managing vineyards in California, France, and Chile. Documenting conditions in shipping containers worldwide. Assuring the safety and quality of food products in transit, and on the shelf.

In 2000 Avatel, Inc. transitioned to become Elucit, Inc. and Avatel became the name of the division selling the HarvestGuard and DataScribe products. When Elucit, Inc. was dissolved in 2017 “Avatel” was no longer in formal use.

Over the years Avatel created a lot of customer good will and name recognition, particularly in vineyards. A creative startup could position itself to capitalize on this brand recognition.

How to Purchase

Email me (leelivezey@gmail.com) with your intent to purchase. Please state in the body of the email that you, 1) would like to purchase Avatel.com and Avatel.net as a package for the sum of $25,000 USD, 2) that you agree to split escrow costs 50/50 using the services of escrow.com, and 3) that upon my acceptance of your offer to purchase you understand you’re committed to follow through with the purchase.

I’ll respond to your email asap either accepting your offer, or informing you that another buyer submitted an offer ahead of you.  Thank you for your consideration.